Advice on How to Ace Your Video Job Interview

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As the coronavirus continues to affect nearly every aspect of our lives, those who are job hunting need to prepare for a dramatically different interviewing environment. Instead of going into

3 Tips for Interviewing Candidates Remotely

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to pummel the world, we’re forced to look for creative solutions to work toward some level of business continuity. Those in human resources must tailor

How Candidates and Interviewers Can Communicate with Each Other Successfully

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The job interview is the first opportunity for job candidates and employers to get to know one an-other in person. It’s a critical step in the recruiting process because it

Here are Four Words and Phrases You Should Avoid Using in a Job Interview

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When you’re in a high-pressure interview setting, it’s easy to slip up and say something that doesn’t quite mesh with what the interviewer wants to hear. After all, you’re only

How Managers New to Interviewing Can Prepare for Candidate Job Interviews and Fight Your Nerves

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When it comes to interviewing, there is often the assumption that hiring managers know how to interview candidates in a meaningful way that provides clarity around applicants’ experience and overall

Ghosting: One thing you should never do after accepting a job offer or interview invitation

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  Ghosting is a surprising new trend that has become much more prevalent during the recruitment process in recent years. More and more candidates are going through the interview process

Preparing for your Interview

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  A day or two before your interview, take some time to review what you know about the company and how you’ll fit into the organization. Know the Company Know

Types of Interviews

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When interviewing with a company, you may be asked to meet in a variety of ways. While each type of interview shares the common goal of familiarizing both the employer

Learn More About Company Culture During the Interview Process

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As a candidate who wants to secure a new job, chances are you want to make sure the company is the right fit for you not only career-wise, but also

Does Your Interview Process Communicate the Right Message to Candidates?

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The interview process is crucial for you as the employer and the candidates you’re hoping to attract and possibly hire. After all, this is not just your chance to learn