Month: August 2019

How to Spot “Red Flags” on a Resume

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    The purpose of resumes is for candidates to market themselves by presenting their skills and achievements in the best possible light. But in a competitive job market there

Tips on How to Boost Efficiency During the Recruitment Process without Losing the Human Element

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  As a hiring authority, when you’re looking to hire top talent for your business, it can often become a numbers game. That means getting as many candidates through the

Ghosting: One thing you should never do after accepting a job offer or interview invitation

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  Ghosting is a surprising new trend that has become much more prevalent during the recruitment process in recent years. More and more candidates are going through the interview process

How a Great Employee Referral Program Can Help You Promote Your Employer Brand

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  It’s no secret: Employee referral programs can help your organization find and hire top talent. After all, where best to find potential new employees than by tapping into current