Month: June 2018

5 Effective Ways to Assess an Employer’s Brand During the Interview

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More than a quarter of the way through 2018, well over 750,000 jobs have been added to the nation’s payrolls, according to the Labor Department, providing both those out of

Oxford Financial Group, Ltd. Names Marcos Noguès as Chief Investment Officer & Oxford Investment Fellow

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – June 11, 2018 – Oxford Financial Group, Ltd., an Indianapolis-based multi-family office and a top Registered Investment Advisor serving families and institutional clients, is pleased to announce

How Your Interview Process Supports (or Hurts) Your Brand

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In the current competitive hiring landscape, companies need a cohesive and well-defined brand to help them stand out from other organizations that are also hoping to attract top talent. Companies

3 Effective Ways to Create a Winning Employer Brand

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  When it comes to attracting skilled workers, branding can serve as an effective recruitment method. In fact, according to polling from Glassdoor, job candidates are 40 percent more likely