Types of Interviews

When interviewing with a company, you may be asked to meet in a variety of ways. While each type of interview shares the common goal of familiarizing both the employer and the candidate with each other, each has a unique mix of advantages and disadvantages. Whether you’re scheduled for an in person, group, online or phone interview, preparation is always key.

The One-on-One Interview – In Person

  • Maintain a high energy level, good posture and eye contact to exude confidence.
  • It is to your advantage if a subject of mutual interest arises, but do not fake knowledge.
  • Don’t play coy, instead sell yourself. Do not seem disinterested or appear to be job shopping. Some applicants, will admit they’re just “shopping” for opportunities and have little intention of changing jobs. This wastes time and leaves a bad impression. Strive to project eagerness and interest.
  • Relax and turn the interview into a conversation.
  • Be sure to ask for the interviewer’s business card so that you can send a note of thanks afterward.


The Group Interview – In Person

Many companies are turning to group interviews, instead of the traditional one-on-one interviews. Group interviews save companies time and give several team members an opportunity to meet the candidate.

Here are a few tips on a successful group interview:

  • Find out before the interview who you will be meeting with and their position in the company.
  • Treat every interviewer with the same amount of respect. Acknowledge the interviewer who asked the questions, but make eye contact with the other interviewers as well.
  • Observe each interviewer. By observing, you can figure out the relationships between each interviewer, what role each person plays, and how to respond to the different personalities.
  • Each interviewer will have his or her own ideas and thoughts about you. You want to make sure that your answer satisfies all the interviewers.


The Video Interview – Online

Video interviewing is another valuable resource some companies employ. A video interview gives you the opportunity to record answers to a set of questions at your convenience. The interviewer can then review your responses at their convenience. This is often much quicker than trying to schedule an in-person or telephone interview.

Here are a few tips on a successful video interview:

  • If possible, review the questions in advance and prepare and practice your responses.
  • Speak clearly and slowly, maintain good posture and a high energy level as you answer each question completely.
  • Review your response after each question before submitting and re-record if you’re not satisfied with your response. Pay attention to the number of chances you’ll have to re-record.
  • Talk with your recruiter about additional recommendations for video interviewing.


The Phone Interview

  • Make sure you have a strong connection, preferably via a land line if possible.
  • Have the interviewer’s phone number, even if they’re scheduled to call you, in case of a last minute change.
  • Even though the interviewer cannot see you, dress up, sit up and smile, this will project confidence.
  • Speak clearly and slowly, maintain good posture and a high energy level as you answer each question honestly and completely.
  • If speaking with a group, review the group interview tips from above.
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