Are you doing what it takes to get noticed and appreciated?

What’s standing between you and your dream career?

Take a step back and analyze what might be standing in the way of you moving your career forward. Are you able to maintain forward momentum in your current company, or are there roadblocks that require you to look elsewhere? Sometimes making personal changes in your approach to your current position will give you the added visibility you need for the promotion you want.

Barrier: Underappreciation
Do you know your worth?
Career success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s up to you to market yourself within and outside your company.

Do your research, then do the work to get noticed and appreciated:

  • Have you benchmarked your compensation to industry averages?
  • Do you keep a list of wins and successes to leverage in reviews or interviews?
  • Do you volunteer for high-profile projects, even those a little out of your comfort zone?
  • Are you marketing your skills and experience through social media and thought leadership?
  • Have you created a career roadmap outlining your goals?
  • Does your manager encourage your career development?
  • What can you do to increase your visibility to company or industry leaders?
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