Hunter R. Judson

Hunter Judson

Managing Partner & Banking Practice


Hunter started Judson Group in 2002, leveraging his knowledge and experience, to help financial services firms and professionals build the very best teams and achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, where he held executive management positions, Hunter knows how to deliver solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. As a highly motivated and results-oriented person, he makes a habit of exceeding client expectations.

Hunter has held executive management positions at General Electric Company, GE Capital, Old Kent Bank, Fifth Third Bank, and Leasing Group, Inc. After completing GE’s well-regarded Financial Management Program, he rose to the highest levels of GE’s Corporate Audit Staff before joining GE Capital. In his various leadership roles, his responsibilities included hiring hundreds of professionals, establishing strategic and tactical business plans, and delivering successful results.

But, what is very different about Hunter is his passion to help others achieve their goals. He will work endlessly to understand your needs and to deliver solutions that meet and exceed those needs.

Hunter is a graduate of Babson College with a BS in Business Administration.

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“I was very pleased with the process and the results. Having worked with Judson Group on a prior opportunity, I was familiar with the high-caliber service they provide. The entire staff was professional, prompt, and guided me through the placement process with great care.”

“Hunter was a valued partner through the entire process.”

“Thank you, Hunter, for your persistence and professionalism in joining me with the bank. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you over the past three months and I’m very excited about beginning my journey with the new bank.”

“Hunter was very professional, thorough, and committed throughout the process. He always followed up as promised and was an integral part of my job placement.”

“Hunter is wonderful to work with. I always looked forward to speaking with him. He definitely knows his business and is a joy to work with.”

“Hunter was amazing throughout the process. We were trying to fill this position during the holiday season, so schedules were difficult to work with. But in the end, we received a fantastic candidate. She exceeds the requirements we asked for and, more importantly, fit our culture perfectly!”

“They made me feel as if I was their only client. They kept me informed throughout the entire process. I would recommend Judson Group to anyone seeking employment.”

“Hunter handled all of the communication between the bank and the candidate and did his best to keep both parties up to date with what was going on. He adjusted to our bank’s “unique” way of dealing with candidates and was very understanding and patient while waiting for the bank to make a decision on the candidate he had presented. I greatly appreciated the updates and the communication. Overall, Hunter was excellent.”

“He is very professional, has excellent follow-up skills, and made me feel like he was doing all he could to guide me through the interview process.”

“I was very impressed with Hunter’s wisdom, advocacy, and frequency of contact. He made a genuine difference.”

“Hunter’s extensive experience with industry-leading financial services companies was invaluable to us in our efforts to identify, recruit, and hire top-notch employees. He was passionate about understanding our needs and delivering quality solutions.”

“Hunter helped me broaden my view and see things more clearly. This is a stressful process, but Hunter helped make it comfortable, enjoyable, and, ultimately, very rewarding as he met my very specific career needs. I appreciated that he only discussed opportunities relevant to my desired needs. Not only has Hunter become a good friend and confidant, he also fulfilled my personal goal of relocating closer to family and friends without compromising my career aspirations and goals!”

“Hunter and I discussed the candidate and the job position at length. We identified the primary candidate a year or so prior. Overall, Hunter’s provided good guidance and prepared the candidate well for the bank. I would recommend Judson Group and Hunter to others, and I do so frequently.”

“I trust Hunter and believe that he is consistently identifying high-quality staff.”

“Hunter was great to work with, as always.”

“Hunter is a trusted partner. He completed a thorough manager consultation with the hiring manager and had a very clear understanding of the skill set the hiring manager was looking for – not only the requirements but the interview process, hiring process, and salary expectations. He presented the best and most qualified candidates. Hunter has a good grasp of the skill sets needed in today’s financial industries. I have worked with Hunter for the last seven years. Each time I work with him, it’s refreshing and a joy.”

Completed searches include:

  • Bank President
  • Regional President
  • Community President
  • Executive Vice President, Business Banking
  • Chief Credit Officer
  • Senior Vice President, Special Assets
  • Senior Vice President, Loan Review
  • Senior Vice President, Operations
  • Senior Vice President, Middle Market Lending
  • Senior Vice President, Large Corporate
  • Senior Vice President, Treasury Management Services
  • Senior Vice President, Retail
  • Senior Vice President, Human Resources
  • Vice President, Credit Union