Paul Pennington

Paul’s passion is building and expanding relationships with new and long term clients and candidates.  After more than 20 years of IT search experience in West Michigan, he has touched in some manner so many successful IT leaders and professionals. This  extensive “database” of local IT professionals  allows him to respond quickly to his clients staffing needs. He especially enjoys the process of  learning about his client’s needs and discussing search strategies in order to more effectively find their ideal match. Prior to launching his search career, Paul had  over six years of  experience as an Application Developer and IT Business Analyst that assists him bring  personal insight to clearly articulate open positions to both clients and candidates.

Paul holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Ferris State University.

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“Paul urged me to mail follow-up letters after the interview and provided me with correct spellings of names and with addresses. Since being hired my new supervisor and the Senior LAN Admin both came to me and said that they appreciated the follow-up letters. Paul also helped me prepare the appropriate plan for resignation. He follows through with what he says, follows-up regularly and timely, and listens well — he’s an approachable person.”
– Network Administrator, Grand Rapids, MI

“Paul made a good effort to understand what my needs were and was not shy about asking, which is good. Paul always asked me what it was I wanted to do, not taking anything for granted. He was able to provide a lot of information and always did what was right. He was very helpful and attentive to my needs. I trusted his recommendations.”
– Business Systems Analyst Developer, Grand Rapids, MI

“Paul has more than exceeded my expectations and I appreciate his professionalism as well as his interest in my family’s well being.”
– Application Developer, Grand Rapids, MI

“Paul and Luke provided amazing support – I couldn’t have asked for better!”
– HR Manager, Grandville, MI

“I enjoyed working with Paul and highly appreciated his “right to the point” conversations.  He handles himself well and respected my busy schedule.  It was a pleasure.”
– Director of Information Technology, St. Joseph, MI

“Paul gave me superb service and was able to glean information that I may not have always provided.  He was very helpful and attentive to my needs.  I trusted his recommendations.”
– Business Systems Analyst Developer, Grand Rapids, MI

“I enjoyed my experience and will consider working with Paul in the future. He was a strong business partner who stayed on top of business throughout the process.”
– Talent Acquisition Specialist, Holland, MI

“Paul went out of his way to understand the requirements for the position and the environment at our organization. I trust Paul, he conducted himself in an ethical and honest manner.  I would recommend Paul, he’s awesome!”
– Lead Developer, Grand Rapids, MI

“Paul and Luke are good listeners. They made every effort to give my needs a priority. This is the third time in five years that I’ve worked with Paul, and the second time in three years that I’ve had the pleasure of working with Luke. I am always nothing but impressed with what they do.”
– Software Engineer, Grand Rapids, MI